Sunday, March 28, 2010

Red Panda Customer Beading Headstalls....

I never cease to be amazed at the beading creativitiy my customers display.  Just when I'd thought I'd seen all the ways to bead, along comes Kay (or K as I call her) and she completely facinates me with her creativitiy and ability to make beautiful bead work!  I am amazed that she could pattern her work to match the saddle blanket so perfectly!  I just wish I had a horse so I could show off her work!

Here are some photos of her bead work:

Not only is her bead work beautiful, but the horse is stunning as well! 

Here are Kay's own words,

"I have braided rawhide for many years, decorating headstalls, reins and breastcollars. As this world turns, so do fad's, Unfortunately the braiding is not as "hot" as it used to be so I decided to try beading. With no prior experience I took to the internet watching video's and ordering catalogs. Much to my dismay... I still was confused!! Luckily I happened upon Betsy's Red Panda Store, sent her an email with my dreamy ideas and lack of knowledge and experience!! She set me up! Guided me to the type of thread, needles and a short course in understanding the different beads. The next chore for her was matching colors!! I asked about the color charts, unlike most businesses, she opted to save me the high investment cost and helped me get the colors perfect!! I am so thrilled with the way it turned out!! I advertised the first headstall on the internet and in 15 minutes it was sold! It sure is nice to know there is someone out there that will take time to help, encourage and promote a total stranger! Betsy.... you are my "Angel" .... your giving spirit is a testament!"

Customer for life...

Kay Davis"

Thanks K - keep up the great bead work!

Happy Beading!



  1. Beautiful Work, I'd love to see more

  2. I love this and would like to do one for my horse. Will you share your technique and how difficult is it?

  3. Hi! Kay was the customer who developed this technique for her own horse's headstall. If you will email me (Betsy) at I'll try to get you two hooked up. She has already helped others to do this for their horses. I just love the way the colors matched up perfectly! :)