Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bead Fest in Valley Forge

Bead Fest in Valley Forge each year is the largest bead show on the east coast.  We left Thursday the 19th and arrived early in the evening.  Kirsten, one of Red Panda's customers wanted to meet me, so we met at California Pizza Kitchen and had a nice dinner and an even nicer visit.

She surprised me with this cute snowflake ornament.  She used Swarovski crystals to create this glittery treat!  Thanks Kirsten!  How can Bead Fest not be great when it starts out this nicely?

Their sign in the parking lot is low key ~ a banner affixed to the side of an empty semi trailer.

Once inside you see that they still have room in some of the  classes.  I did not take any this time, perhaps next time.

The sights were stunning!  There were 250 vendors!  I was able to make some very good contacts and in the weeks ahead, I'll be adding new products to my inventory.  As I add each one, I'll post a new blog detailing the items.  Stay tuned........

The weekend was not all beads, we went horse back riding. This is a beautiful horse that was there.  It was very pleasant weather and we really enjoyed the ride.

Since I've been full time Red Panda, I've been walking four miles a day.  I wear only Brooks shoes and have quite worn out my shoes in these four months.  I had no luck finding any locally.  Our hotel was right across from the largest mall on the east coast and believe it or not, I went 300+ miles to buy a new pair of walking shoes.  These were as exciting as the beads!

 Whenever we travel and leave Chewie behind, we always come home bringing him a new toy.  He is one very spoiled poodle!  LOL

You can see he loves his new toy!

Bead Fest was not only fun, but also a refreshing break and great inspiration for new things to come for Red Panda!

Happy Beading!



  1. wish I would have know you were going to be at bead fest in valley forge, would have loved to meet you maybee next time. and bead fest was totally AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I went to the Bead Fest last year. All I can say is WOW. We did it on one day and that included 8 hours travel time from central PA. I had surgery in July and was not up to it this year but maybe next year with a hotel room. Isn't the volume of vendors and product amazing?