Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Tuesday's Treat :)

Christine - or more informally known as Tine, is the subject of today's Tuesday's Treat blog post.  She is the first international beader to be featured in this series who also sells her work.  Tine is from Belgium.  

Currently Tine is really into making Peyote cuff bracelets with Delica size 11/0 beads.  She loves to search for her patterns on etsy - there are some stunning patterns for sale!

I tried to find these exact patterns for sale again, so that I could credit the artist, but could not find them.  So if you are the artist, or know who the artist is, please let me know and I'll update this post to include proper credit.  :)

Here are two of her most recent finished projects.  The first one uses an even count flat Peyote stitch.

The second one uses a 2-drop Peyote stitch.  Personally I prefer the multiple drop count stitches, they work up so much faster!  :)

I especially like the added detail of choosing the anti-tarnish flower clasp for this flower bracelet.  

Tine sells some of her work at the shop Oliv'hair in Grez-Doiceau, Belgium.  I added a link to the fan club on facebook for Oliv'hair since Tine does not have an online presence just yet.  Now you have an excuse to go to Belgium!  I'd love to see all her work close up and in real time  :)

Thanks so much Tine for sharing your work!  It's lovely!  :)

Happy Beading!


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