Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Socks


Tuesday's Treat :)

Anica is a new Red Panda Beads customer from Croatia.  She does beautiful bead work.  Here is her introduction on her website.....

My name is Anica Čarapić. Čarapić means Socks in Croatian and Čarapice (my site) means Little Socks.  I inherited my last name from my dear husband with whom I am married for 6 years who I love very very much.

The interest in jewelry making in general was brought out by one of my dear friends who remained to live in my beloved Varazdin (city in Croatia).

Her works have fascinated me so much that I wanted to do something myself. I found a talent in myself, I did not know until then.

I was born in a village near the city of Varazdin, and now live in the capital Zagreb.

I have started work again a few months after my child got a little older and more self-reliant (and since he started to go to kindergarten).

Personally, I value handcrafted jewelry of any material because it was done thoroughly and lovingly. 

Anica sells her work to her friends and to people who contact her through her webpage.  

She has a slide show on her webpage that shows much more of her work and the pictures are bigger too.

Anica also sells her work at local fairs.

She prefers to work on more intricate pieces. 

She specializes in bracelets....

...and she sells more bracelets that anything else.

She works with various stitches.....

....but Peyote is her favorite.

She also does fabulous earrings.....

....and many varied designs.

She also works with the various bead finishes, sizes and shapes to create interesting texture in her pieces.

You can see her eye for design even in the photos she does to display her work.

She is so talented, it is hard to pick just one as a favorite!

This cuff has the look of lace.

This cuff sports embellishments that add to the interest in the piece.  

Visit her website to see more of her work, and if you would like to contact her, to purchase a piece - here is her email address - acarapic@gmail.com.

Thank you Anica for sharing your beautiful work!  :)

Happy Beading!


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  1. Gorgeous! How does she make the 'open squares' bracelets, do you suppose?