Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amulet Bags, etc from Kirsten

Kirsten is a Red Panda Beads customer who specializes in Amulet bags.

Kirsten modeled this bag from a cross stitch pattern.  It is lovely!

Pattern is by Diane Hertzler. She has a website (http://www.dianehertzler.com/) but this pattern is not shown there. If you are interested in buying her pattern you might want to email her.

The pattern is "Oh! Scarlet" by Amy Loh-Kupser. The pattern or a kit is available from i-bead.com (look under Kits/Patterns, then Beadfuddled Beader, Vol. 4>

Isn't this Jack-o-lantern just too cute? Kirsten printed a picture of a jack-o-lantern off the web & taped it inside a votive candle holder. Then brick stitched the pumpkin, adding the face based on the underlying image. The vines are wire twisted around a wooden skewer.

It took about a month of working on it 3-4 hrs/day! According to the pattern, it contains 23,010 beads!  Pattern by Sig Wynne Evans. 

Pattern is by Chris Manes. http://amuseink.com/

Thanks for sharing Kirsten!

Happy Beading!


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