Monday, April 26, 2010

Beaded Images

Since I first fell in love with Delicas and I did the black and white character, I've moved on and done other beaded pictures.

This picture was a birthday gift for my grandmother.  She collects angels and I wanted to give her a one of a kind angel that she could not get anywhere else.

Here is a close up.

Next I did a Valentine's Day gift for my hubbie.  He is an avid birdie. 

I went with the wooden frame to give the piece a more rustic feel.  I think it turned out really nice.

Here is a close up.

This was my first attempt at doing a color picture.  It felt so wierd after doing only shades of grey and black and white on my first picture.

It is hard to see in the photo - but the back ground of this picture is made up of matte beds.  The bird and post are shiny.  I love working with the Delicas and the different finishes to create dramatic effects.

I purchased BeadCreator so that I could do more complex patterns for pictures.  My father is a avid Bass fisherman - so for his birthday I did this picture.

It has an abstract feel - but that's exactly the look I was going for.

My latest loom work was another Valentine's Day gift - last summer we vacationed in the NC mountains.  Atop Grandfather Mountain my hubbie snapped a photo and I turned it into a beaded image....

That's all my loomwork for now... but definately more to come!

Happy Beading!


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  1. Betsy,
    They are all beautiful. I love them.