Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Delica Mixes

 A while back I recevied an email from Judy.  She was looking for a "Lavander Garden" color of Miyuki Delica beads.  She was using them for a project and had run out.  The supplier who had provided the beads for her was also out of this color.  And her supplier refused to order more - said the order was too small to bother with.  Well, at Red Panda Beads, no order is too small.  Even though, up to now I had not carried the Delica Mixes, I went on a hunt and found the "Lavander Garden" mix for her and she was able to finally finish the necklace she was working on for her mother.  It would have been a real shame to leave this lovely project only 1/2 done!

Judy got the idea from a larait.  This Peyote piece is 33 inches long and she ties it at the end much like a scarf.  What a wonderful design and use for the Delica Mixes.  Thanks to Judy, I now carry over two dozen of the Delica Mixes on my website.

Thanks Judy for sharing photos of your lovely necklace for your mother.  I'm sure she loves it!

Happy Beading!


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