Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3-Drop Peyote Rocailles Bracelet in three sizes

I finished this bracelet just in time to give it to my mother-in-law for her 80th Birthday on Mother's Day.  She loves it.  I'm so glad that I found out she did not like the wider cuff style before I finished that project!

For this project, I used three sizes of Miyuki Rocaille beads. The smallest is 15/0, then the matte beads are 11/0 and the tiniest of the three are the 15/0 Rocailles.  I experimented a bit before diving in on this project, to see the best way to reduce and increase the sizes of beads.

I used a button to create the clasp.

And I stitched the loop out of the smaller 15/0 Rocailles.  I actually did three rows of 3-drop Peyote to create the loop. This is what gave me the idea for the 3-drop anklet that I just finished.

I used the size 8/0 Rocailles beads as spacers for the button, so the loop fits easily over the button and the bracelet is secure when closed.

This bracelet is simple, yet elegant.  She said I got the measurement perfect, as though I had measured her wrist and made the bracelet custom, just for her.  Of course it was custom, I just went by memory for the sizing!

Now, I'm off to do some more Peyote with my favorite DB551 silver plated beads.....

Happy Beading!


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  1. What a lovely bracelet!!! I love the colors you choose too. Happy Beading,