Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Anklet

For my last project, I finished the bracelet using Rocailles, increasing and decreasing.  I used the technique I perfected and highlighted in my 5/11/10 post.  I did not have time to get a photo, since it was a gift for my mother-in-law, but I'll get one soon.  In doing the bracelet, I got an idea for an anklet.  I've been thinking that I want to weave an anklet, not just string beads.  Finishing the bracelet with the loop for the clasp gave me the inspiration for a 3-drop Peyote anklet.

So, I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon working on my new project.  The weather was great, so I sat with my Hubbie on the deck and beaded.  I love the new bead mat trays.  You can bead virtually anywhere with one of these!

I really like the new DB551 Delica beads from Miyuki.  They are silver plated and are "anti-tarnish".  They have a special coating to help prevent tarnishing.

Since the beads have a coating to help prevent tarnishing, I want a similar clasp, so I'll use this Platinum plated clasp.

I'm using 4 lb test FireLine and my favorite Big Eye Beading Needle.

My trusty dusty stop bead.  I like to use one that is bigger than the beads I'm using and one that stands out.

Here is the first row of beads.

I went with my favorite 3-drop Peyote.  Here is the 2nd row.

Here is the 3rd and final row.

Here is the final piece.  It is really stunning to see the silver beads woven into Peyote.  The beads catch the light perfectly and this is exactly what I envisioned when I began my project.  I can see a bracelet to match on the horizon!

Happy Beading!



  1. really love this Betsy...wish I were crafty and patient enough to try something like that!

  2. i like it I think I can actually do that one, yeah thanks betsy

  3. It's really lovely, Betsy.
    I think I better try some 3 drop.