Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Experimenting with Crystals

While I was doing my Peyote Open Triangles bracelet a couple of months ago, I got the idea to try peyote with other size beads.  I've been experimenting with size 11/0 Delicas and size 8/0 Delicas ~ but I have not hit upon anything that I really like.  I'm still working on it though, so stay tuned in the not to far future for a stunning piece using various sizes of Delicas!

I have turned my attention to Peyote with Delicas and other types of beads.  Today I finished my Swarovski Crystal and 11/0 Delica bracelet.  I am still using the new DB551 anti-tarnish silver plated beads from Miyuki.  This time I chose pretty blue Swarovski Crystal (blue is my favorite color).  I'm using 4lb test crystal FireLine and a 2.125" big eye needle to string this project together.  

I wanted to see how crystals would work in a square stitch with the Delicas.  I came up with this cute link.  After completing seven links, I attached them with more Delicas and a larger crystal between each link.

Then I decided to do a toggle clasp made of Delicas.  To complete the toggle, I chose one of the newer Delica colors, DB1764 - this was just released in 2009.  It very closely matches the blue in the crystals.

I like the way it continues the theme of the bracelet all the way through the clasp.

I just did a simple loop on the other end to complete the simple, yet elegant clasp.

Here you can see how the clasp works.

Here is the bracelet on my wrist.

And here is the finished bracelet!

I love this Delica 11/0 DB1764 color so much, my next project is going to be a Peyote three-drop cuff using the DB551 and DB1764 in a diamond motif.  So stay tuned!   I've already got the pattern set and now I just need to start beading!  LOL

Happy Beading!


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  1. So pretty, this is a crystal project I like!