Tuesday, July 13, 2010

8/0 Miyuki Triangles

Have I already said that I just love the Miyuki Triangles?  Well, it is worth repeating!  The colors are fabulous!  My latest experiment with Miyuki Triangles used size 8/0 Triangles.  I love this green color

The green really flashes in the light!  Again I went with my favorite 3-drop Peyote - but I mixed it up a bit this time.  

I found these lovely spacer links....

I bought both the topaz and green ones.  Here you can see the topaz ones.  There are two holes on each end of the link.  So I did two strands of the 3-drop Peyote to connect the spacers.

Here is the underside of the spacer.  You can see where the beads go through the spacer holes.

I chose to use the Triangle beads to make the clasp this time.  Here is the toggle....

You can really see the light sparkle in the Triangle beads.

Here is the loop end....

Here is the closed clasp.....

This was a fun pattern to create.  I knew I had to use the flashy spacers and it just came together so easily.  I love all three pieces that I've made with Miyuki Triangles and can't wait to get going on my next project.  The Triangles have such a nice texture to them when used in Peyote and the colors are so gorgeous, I just can't resist their call.....

Happy Beading!


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  1. That bracelet is absolutely beautiful, do you have the pattern to sell for it and also the Abalone Focal Bracelet made with Miyuki 10/0 Triangles, I would love to do both of these for my sisters 40th birthday.

    Thank you so much in advance,
    Beverly Gregg