Monday, July 5, 2010

Abalone Focal Bracelet made with Miyuki 10/0 Triangles

Miyuki has three sizes in their Triangles.  The largest size 5/0 was used in my last cuff bracelet.  The next smaller size is 8/0 and the smallest triangles are the 10/0 triangles.  I chose these to use in my latest project.  Another cuff bracelet in done in Peyote 3-drop.  

I chose 10TR1830 - it is a rich blue that sparkles in the light.

The width of this bracelet is 7/8ths of an inch.  I chose an abalone pendant as the clasp that is the same width.  It came pre-drilled with a hole at one end.  I used my trusty Dremel to drill a second matching hole at the other end.

I attached the bracelet to one hole with more of the 10TR1830 triangles as spacers.  Then I used matching 8TR1830 beads to make a triangle to use to secure the clasp.  Here is a side view of the pendant as it is modified to be a clasp.  

Next I added a loop at the other end of the bracelet to complete the clasp.

This bracelet is designed to wear the clasp on top, where the  beautiful abalone pendant can be appreciated.

I love these colors together.  The abalone pendant makes a very nice focal piece for this bracelet.  The Miyuki Triangles, in all the sizes are proving to be versatile and the rich colors are a definite must have when designing jewelry!

Happy Beading!


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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your explorations with the triangle beads. They truly are beautiful and show to great advantage in the simple peyote pieces. I must give them a try.