Saturday, July 3, 2010

A different kind of Cross Stitch - Beaded Cross Stitch

Lee is not a typical Red Panda Beads customer.  She buys her beads to use in her needle work.  She recently finished a 25 year anniversary piece in cross stitch.  Of course the 25th anniversary is the silver one, so she had to use silver in her piece.  She started out with ecru Aida that had silver thread woven through it.

Then she added her stitches... 

Some of the stitches she added Miyuki Delica beads.  She used silver metallic and silver beads.  She even used some of the new anti-tarnish DB551 beads from Miyuki.  You can see some of the beads highlighting the 25 in her piece.

She added beads in the decorations above and below the message.

Here is the finished piece.  I'm sure this will be a treasured gift for years to come.

Thanks so much Lee for sharing your unique bead art!

Happy Beading!


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