Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lady Voodoo Beading

Tuesday's Treat :)

This is the first in a series of blog posts that I'm doing to highlight Red Panda Beads customers who sell their creations.  These posts will be on Tuesdays - not every Tuesday - so when they are posted, it will be a Treat!  This first post is featuring Tammy aka Lady Voodoo Beading!

Tammy is a 3rd grade teacher in Florida.  She has always been into arts and crafts, but it wasn't until she was home on maternity leave that she discovered beads.  She saw a friend's I.D. Badge Lanyard that her friend's daughter had made out of glass beads and Tammy was hooked!  She started out making them and selling them to her teacher friends.  It snowballed first into all jewelry..... Check out these beaded beads.....


Tammy ran across Julia Pretl's book "Little Bead Boxes" and now seed beads are her favorite obsession of all time!  

Currently she focuses on making 3-D objects with Delicas, or covering small items with seed beads.

I must say this is my favorite!  I love the tri-color theme and the coordination of colors with the flowers.  It is so tiny and yet so elegant!

I am a curious person by nature and could not resist the urge to ask, "why Lady Voodoo?".   Turns out her hubbie is a computer gamer with the tag, Voodoo, after the character in Top Gun.  She liked the sound and since she's his Lady, 
Lady Voodoo just seemed too cool to pass up.  :)
 Now you know the inside scoop on Lady Voodoo Beading!  Check out her website.

Happy Beading!



  1. Is there a pattern you sell for the Beaded Beads?
    Beautiful work on all of your projects!

  2. I do love seed beads! Especially Delica beads :-)

  3. Very nice and unique. Would love to learn something like that myself.

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