Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Red Panda Beads "Warehouse"

Four years ago I never would have dreamed in my wildest imagination that I'd be here today.  I did not even know how to blog then!  I have certainly come a long way on this beaded path!  LOL  

I started selling a few beads online in April 2007.  At first it was just a fun venture some evenings and weekends.  I was able to gradually add more and more beads and other related items in my "store".  It was not long before I needed a dedicated space ~ so we converted our living room into my bead office.

Now I have out grown this small space.  I know you should take before and after photos - but the before was sooooo cluttered.  Unofficially I began using our dining room as an overflow area for items like packing materials and bulkier stock items.  This year we made it official, removing the dining room furniture and installing 6 foot metal shelving.

This is a much more efficient use of this space!

Now I can store boxes and labels with ease and see exactly how much I have in inventory and know when to order more!  

Much easier to access the bubble mailers and various sizes of baggies when they are organized!

Now the Bead Soups have their own individualized compartments.

The bead mats have a new home too, on top of one of the wire racks.

And it is much easier to store the bulky beads while transitioning them to their formal and final filing home.

 So much easier to work with.

This is the view from my computer chair in my office.  I am so grateful that I have an understanding and supportive husband.  How many husbands would allow their living and dining rooms to be over taken with beads?  

Happy Beading!



  1. You are very well organized Betsy!

  2. Good for you Betsy. It looks very organized. I know a lady who turned her whole house into an art gallery. Each room for a different art and everything is so neat and tidy. I am glad you have the support you need and the customers to back you.Great luck and prosperity in the new coming year. Joni