Tuesday, January 25, 2011

d'Olivia Jewelry

 Tuesday's Treat :)

Diane is the owner of d'Olivia Jewelry.  She has an etsy store where she sells her jewelry creations. 

At first she took jewelry classes to try to repair store bought jewelry.  She was always a fan of beaded jewelry, but eventually noticed the mass-manufactured items fell apart after only a few wearings.  

She even had a beaded necklace virtually explode while on a date in a pub.  It was fairly embarrassing with both her and her date on the bar floor picking up beads.

So now she makes quality jewelry that will last.  She likes to mix textures, shapes and finishes to create her unique pieces.

She likes Miyuki seed beads for their uniformity and beautiful colors.

I never cease to be amazed at the various ways Red Panda customers use their Miyuki beads.  

As spacers, these seed beads really add an air of elegance  to this piece.  Their neutral color allow the rich tones in the green to stand out.

Using Miyuki beads as spacers also enhance the quality of her pieces.  

There are vast amount of sizes, shapes, colors and finishes available with Miyuki beads.  

Adding a Miyuki seed bead on either side of these pearls gives this piece a classic beauty with a twist!

And here you have it all summed up in her own words, 

"I use seed beads for color contrast, for spacing, for adding a sparkle, to echo a color, and to add variety to a piece.  I’ve found that Miyuki beads have great color, variety, and uniformity of shape."

Diane also has a blog, she is on facebook and twitter.

I've only put a few photos in this blog post, so you want to be sure and check out all her designs!  Thanks for sharing Diane!  I tried to pick one of these as my favorite - and I can't!  They are all so nice!  :)

Happy Beading!


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