Saturday, April 9, 2011

Matte Crystals???

When I started selecting the first colors to be added to the new Preciosa Crystals section of my website, I noticed they had crystals with a Matte finish.  Isn't the whole ideal of crystals to have them sparkle?  Needless to say I was intrigued - enough to order some of the matte ones and see just for myself.

So I chose the matte aquamarine crystals and thought to make a bracelet using both the matte and regular crystals.  I wanted to do the RAW crystal bracelet again and use the matte crystals to frame the regular ones.  I really liked the Spiderwire and used it again in this project. 

To finish the bracelet and add the clasp, I chose sterling silver French Wire

I cut two lengths for each end of the bracelet.

I chose a small toggle clasp for this bracelet.

Then I began to attach it....

I began by placing the length on one of my needles....

and added the clasp...

Then I ran the 2nd needle through the length of French Wire..

Next I began to weave both ends back through the RAW stitches...

Then I tied a surgeon's knot to secure the clasp.  After cutting the threads away from the knot, I used my Thread Zap to melt the end of the Spidewire.

I repeated the process for the toggle end of the clasp and here you can see the clasp closed.

Here is the finished bracelet.

I must say I rather like the effect of mixing the matte crystals with the regular ones.

Next I decided to do earrings to match.  This time I wanted the earrings to be in the same RAW stitch....

I used the same technique to attach the ear wires with the Spiderwire and French Wire.

Here is the complete set.   So my skepticism has been replaced with appreciation for these matte crystals!  :)

Happy Beading!



  1. Betsy I love those matte crystals, how cool is that! Looks great mixed with the regular. Thanks so much for all the great photos showing your work, I'm a newbie and it really helps to see the process. What's spiderwire??

    Looks great, thanks again!

  2. Wow, I love the design! Awesome work!