Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chain Maille

Summer is here and I always enjoy creating new anklets to wear with my sandals.  I've been meaning to dive into Chain Maille ever since I added the Artistic Wire Chain Maille Rings to my website.  

So what better way to experiment with the rings than to use them for the basis of my new anklet?

I began by assembling my items.  I chose the Non-Tarnish Silver 20 Gauge 3/16" rings.  I decided to do a simple modified Italian link and embellish them with some Miyuki 3.4mm Drop or Fringe Beads.

I really like these inside color drops.  You can see the vivid orange through the peridot colored glass.  They just seem so bright and summery!   :)

I chose this heart and key toggle clasp - I think it adds to the overall theme of the anklet.

The Italian link is a simple chain maille pattern - it starts out with two interlocking sets of rings and you keep adding more sets until you get the desired length.

I tried using two pairs of pliers - but found I was more comfortable with my trusty jump ring tool.  You simply slip it on your finger and you have a handy tool to grip one side of the jump ring while you use your other hand with the pliers to open and close the rings.  When I tried with two pairs of pliers, I kept dropping the rings!  I guess I am way too clumsy to be a surgeon!

Once you have the desired length you add the descending rings with the added drop bead.

Here is the finished anklet.  This was a quick and easy way to jump into chain maille (pun intended)!  I can't wait to move on to more intricate projects! 

Happy Beading!



  1. Pretty cool anklet! I like it! And...a question - the jump rings from Artistic wire, are the measurements outside or inside diameter?
    I love chain maille, and had no idea you had have to check them out!

  2. ...sorry - had I looked closer at the tag...I would have seen the answer to my question!
    These are looking so very tempting to me!

  3. Hi Trish!

    The rings I used are 20 Gauge and the ID is 3/16". The over all size of each ring is 4.76 mm.

    I think for my next project, I'll incorporate crystals my my chain maille.... :)