Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spiffy Jewelry Designs

Tuesday's Treat :)

Tiffany is one of the newest Red Panda Beads customers and the owner of Spiffy Jewelry Designs.  She has been making jewelry since she was five years old, starting by simply stringing beads.  She now creates her unique designs using new ideas inspired by nature and her traveling experiences.  She looks at anything and everything for inspiration, from small plants to huge sky scrapers.
Tiffany likes to incorporate Swarovski crystals with Delica seed beads.

She also likes to use sterling silver findings.

She weaves other types of beads together to create her colorful pieces.

She incorporates other elements, as well, such as beach glass.

Tiffany prefers to work with FireLine when creating her designs.

She calls this piece "Metallic Swarovski Elegance".  The weave in this design is very unique and one that she is most proud of.

Not only does Tiffany have her etsy site, but she also displays her work at various craft shows.  She plans to add many more designs to her etsy site after the show season ends in August.  So be sure to look for more stunning designs in her etsy store this fall.  :)

Happy Beading!


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  1. Very nice work! Thanks for sharing the photos!