Saturday, October 29, 2011

BeadSmith Snowflake Wire Forms Part 1

This time of the year BeadSmith Snowflake Wire Forms are very popular.  They come in four sizes and are easy to decorate.  They make great personalized gifts as well.  I will be doing a series of blog posts about all the different uses for these forms.

With Halloween just a few days away, these forms make great supports for spiderwebs.

I chose the 9" forms for my spiderwebs.  The 4mm Preciosa Bicone Crystals are black and orange.  Of course, I chose SpiderWire to string the web.

First I strung the crystals, alternating between orange and black on the "spine" of the web.

Then I began stringing silver lined Miyuki 15/0 Rocialles to make a sparkly web, adding a crystal here and there.

Here is the finished web.

Halloween is not the only spiderweb occasion - remember the Christmas Spider?  

This time I chose the 3.75" Snowflake Form to make Christmas spiderwebs to decorate my tree.

I used Miyuki 15/0 Silver Lined Delicas to make the delicate web.  I like to use the silver lined Delicas instead of silver ones, since they stay shiny and do not have any tarnish or fade issues.  I decorated the spine of the web with 4mm Bicone Crystals and Miyuki 11/0 Rocailles.  

Here is a close up of the details on the spine of the web.  The Rocailles are silver lined matte and have a rich glow.   

The 3.75" forms come with 8 in each package, so there are enough to do a set of Christmas Spiderwebs to decorate your tree, or to give as a hand made gift.

Now on to Part 2 ~ Snowflake Suncatchers......

Happy Beading!


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