Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Miyuki Berry Beads

Miyuki just released new Berry Beads.  They are similar to Matsuno Peanut Beads, but slightly larger.  The Berry beads measure 2.5mm x 4.5mm and have the same great quality as other Miyuki beads.  There are 33 colors, including some precious metal plated beads.  They were so adorable I could not resist playing with some myself!  :)

First I picked the colors and finishes I wanted to work with. I love the gold plated beads and at first thought to do a plain Peyote bangle with them alone, but it was just too plain.  So I decided to add some 4mm Capri Blue AB crystals and changed the stitch to a two needle RAW.

The Berry Beads nestle the crystals very nicely.  

This bracelet very much resembles a tennis bracelet - but it is nice to be able to add the crystals in any color, not just clear or clear with an AB finish.

I next wanted to work with the silver lined matte Berry Beads.  These are so pretty.  I knew immediately that I wanted to contrast the frosted beads with a bright color - and with October being Breast Cancer Awareness, I chose a Fuchsia AB crystal.

The matte Berry Beads appear like little flowers between the crystals.

There is an air of elegance, almost like a pearl necklace about this bracelet.

Then lastly, I wondered what using just the Berry Beads in a RAW would do.  So, again for Breast Cancer Awareness, I chose to pinks.  The base of the bracelet is a pale inside color lined pink and highlighted is a darker inside color lined pink.

The weave almost gives the impression of fringe on either side of the bracelet.

This is a very pretty way to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Here I have all three together so you can see how different they all appear, just by switching a few components - yet they all were created with Berry Beads.  :)

(shhhhh.... don't tell anyone, but I like these better than the Matsuno ones....)

If you are considering trying some of these for yourself - wait until Friday 10/7/11 - they will be featured with a 20% discount.  :)

Happy Beading!


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