Sunday, August 19, 2012

Czech Superduo Beads

One of the newest and hottest beads to hit the market are Superduo beads.  These are Czech beads made with two holes, similar to the Czech Twin Beads.  One of the nicest features of the Superduo beads is they are made of pressed glass, so each bead is more uniform in shape and size.  These two hole beads work well with Miyuki's two hole Tila beads.  Deborah Roberti, of the website has been designing like crazy to keep up with all these new beads.

This pattern, like all of Deb's patterns, is very versatile.  This design can be used with either Twin or Superduo beads.  You can also make an elegant, casual, stunning or even playful bracelet with this pattern.  Simply choose the beads to create your design.  Several design options are listed below.

This version uses opaque black Tila beads (TL-401) paired with opaque green picasso (VSD-5341P-100) and 24 karat gold plated (VSD-24K-100) Superduo beads.  The Miyuki 11/0 seed beads are also 24 karat light gold plated (11RR193).  This version has an oriental feel and the green picasso beads remind me of jade. 

This version pairs matte cream Tila beads (TL-2021) with matte copper (VSD-MC-100) and matte rosegold (VSD-MRG-100) Superduo beads.  The seed beads are Miyuki 11/0 24 karat gold plated (11RR191).  

This version uses opaque luster antique rose Tila beads (TL-599) paired with green turquoise silperit Superduo beads (VSD-6313SLP-100).  The seed beads are Miyuki's duracoat galvanized hot pink beads (11RR4210), designed specifically to not wear, tarnish or fade.  The sliperit finish on the beads give one edge of the Superduos a slight hint of color.

This last design pairs matte oyster Tila beads (TL-3173) with jet vitrail (VSD-JVT-100) and cornelian sliperit (VSD-1361SLP-100) Superduo beads.  The seed beads are Miyuki 11/0 opaque black (11RR401).  As with the antique rose design, you can see the edges of vitrail and sliperit on these Superduo beads.

The color combinations are countless!  There are 65 Superduo colors (more on the way) to choose from.  There are 61 Tila colors and there will soon be 30+ new colors available with the Miyuki Fall release, including gold plated Tilas.  And lastly, there are over 180 Miyuki 11/0 colors available on the Red Panda Beads website.  So with all these color combinations you are sure to make the perfect bracelet for every occasion!

Don't forget to check out Deb's website, for more patterns!  :)

Happy Beading!


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