Friday, August 24, 2012

Czech Superduo Beads

One of the newest and hottest beads to hit the market are Superduo beads.  These are Czech beads made with two holes, similar to Czech Twin beads.  One of the nicest features of the Superduo beads is they are made of pressed glass, so each bead is more uniform in shape and size.  These two hole beads work well with Miyuki's two hole Tila beads.  Deborah Roberti, of the website has been designing like crazy to keep up with these new beads.  Unlike some bead patterns, Deb's are very easy to follow and her illustrations along the way ensure that you'll have a beautiful piece every time!

Deb's patterns are like beaded templates.  You mix and match colors to create your own unique look with her patterns.  With so many colors available in the Superduos, Miyuki Tilas and Rocailles, the options are virtually limitless!

This southwest themed version starts with TL-2315 Burnt Sienna Tila Beads.  The Superduo beads have the capri finish, one side of the beads have a bronze coating.  The Superduo beads are VSD-1301CA (Ivory Capri) and VSD-6313CA (Green Turquoise Capri).  The bronze 11RR457 nicely matches the bronze coating on the Superduo beads.

This Indian corn themed version starts with TL-2311 Dandelion Tila Beads.  The VSD-6313P Superduos are Green Turquoise Picasso beads and the VSD-1361SLP are Cornelian Sliperit beads. The Sliperit finish has a pink tint and the Miyuki 11RR4209 Duracoat Rocaille beads compliment it nicely.

This bright version starts with TL-406FR Opaque Rainbow Matte Orange Tila beads.  The VSD-6302AB Superduo add a splash of Blue Turquoise.  The VSD-CVT Superduo beads add a streak of sparkle down the middle of each of the flowers. Miyuki 11RR4207 Duracoat Rocaille beads add depth to the orange of the Tila beads.

This Christmas themed version starts with TL-304 Garnet Gold Luster Tila beads.  VSD-24K Superduo beads are plated with 24K gold.  The VSD-5341P Green Picasso beads add a jade like hue and the Miyuki 11RR191 24K Gold Plated Rocaille beads really make this bracelet sparkle.

The options are only limited by your imagination!  You can make a fun, playful version, or an elegant version, or one to simply match an outfit.  If you need some assistance picking the perfect colors, do not hesitate to contact me!  That's what I'm here for!

Don't forget to check out Deb's website, often for new patterns.

Happy Beading!



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