Friday, September 21, 2012

New Tapered SuperDuo Beads

New Tapered SuperDuo Beads

SuperDuo beads are Czech made, pressed glass, two hole beads.  Their size and shape can vary by manufacturer.  These beads are 2x5mm and have tapered ends, more closely resembling Twin Beads.  They should not be confused with Twin beads, however.  The pressed glass manufacturing process ensures more uniform and consistent sizes and shapes, unlike the Twin beads that can vary in size and/or shape slightly.

These tapered beads come in various colors and finishes, and even have 24 Karat Gold Plated beads.  

I could not resist matching up some of the new Czech Tile beads with these new tapered SuperDuo beads.

I used Deborah Roberti's Tila SuperDuo Bands pattern - modifying it slightly for the Tile Beads.  Since the Czech Tile beads have rounded corners, there is a slight gap between the beads, so I added a seed bead between the tile beads to bridge the gap.  The end result is a nice row of seed beads on top and the bottom of the bracelet.  I used CZTWN06-T13610 - Picasso Umber - the turquoise color in the umber is perfect to match the TSD-MD6313 - SuperDuo Moon Dust Turquoise.  The TSD-B9320 - SuperDuo Bronze Luster Opaque Red nicely compliment the Umber color in the Tiles.  I added the 11RR4217 - Miyuki Duracoat Seafoam Rocailles to finish the piece.

I also tried a pure turquoise version.  For this one I started with CZTWN06-6315 - Opaque Persian Turquoise.  I added TSD-6313 - SuperDuo Turquoise and TSD-W6002 - SuperDuo Twilight Aquamarine and finished the bracelet with 11RR412 Opaque Turquoise Miyuki Rocailles.

Since these SuperDuo beads are tapered and more closely resemble the Twin Beads, I decided to experiment with the Tila Twin Wiggle, also done by Deborah Roberti, from  

I also had to modify this pattern slightly, by adding an extra seed bead on the outer edge, but otherwise, the beads worked well in this pattern.  I stared with CZTWN06-TM2398 Matte Jet Picasso Czech Tile beads.  I added TSD-P6531 - SuperDuo Luster Opaque Green and TSD-21115 SuperDuo Matte Iris Brown beads.  I finished the piece off with 11RR4210 Hot Pink Miyuki Duracoat Rocailles - they nicely compliment the luster finish in the SuperDuo beads.

Lastly, I did another Wiggle starting with CZTWN06-P65491 - Luster Opaque Rose/Gold Topaz Czech Tile beads.  These are one of the new colors I'm adding to the Red Panda Beads website.  The rose/gold color matches nicely with the Apollo Gold SuperDuo beads.  I used both the matte and regular versions and paired them with 11RR4209 Dark Coral Duracoat Miyuki Rocailles.

Now with two versions of the Czech SuperDuo beads, and two versions of Tile beads (Miyuki, Tilas and Czech Tile beads) the design options are even greater.  I can't wait to try some of the newly release Tila colos with these new SuperDuo beads.  :)

Happy Beading!



  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Picasso Umber. Thanks for the inspiration. All these great patterns and there never seems to be enough time in the day to complete anything!

  2. These are all so beautiful. I just ordered a matte and shiny finish grey to make the Wiggle bracelet. I like the addition of the pink.