Saturday, September 15, 2012

Red Panda Beads September Sweepstake

 September Sweepstakes

Red Panda Beads provided the

"Sweet Potato Pie Challenge Stash Kit" 

for the BeadWork October/November 2012 Challenge

The prize for the September Sweepstakes is a 

"Sweet Potato Pie Challenge Stash Kit"

Kit Retail Value $124.33

The kit has 22 items, starting with the Monday's Mix, 

Sweet Potato Pie

Each Monday's Mix is an exclusive mix of 11/0 Miyuki Delica seed beads.

The Monday's Mix is the basis for Red Panda Beads Stash Kits, and other beads and components are chosen to compliment the Monday's Mix.  This mix features "a succulent mix of orange-hued beads, cord and findings" as described in the BeadWork Oct/Nov 2012 issue.  Items included are:

DPF4 - 3.4mm Miyuki Drop Beads

8RR138FR - 8/0 Miyuki Rocaille Beads

8RR421 - 8/0 Miyuki Rocaille Beads

BB-275 - Miyuki Berry Beads

BGL6-10 - Miyuki 6mm Bugle Beads

11RR4206 - Miyuki Galvanized Duracoat 11/0 Rocaille Beads

6RR138S - Miyuki 6/0 Rocaille Beads

280-516-81250 - Czech Two-hole Dagger Beads

TL-2592 - Miyuki Tila Beads

5E3272 - Miyuki 5/0 E Seed Beads

MC30204BDF - Preciosa 4mm Bicone Crystals

MC30204HYAB - Preciosa 4mm Bicone Crystals

Copper Beads

CUFF2D - 2" Brass Domed Bracelet Cuff

CP170150 - 20 1.5" Copper Head Pins

A144H-110 - 10mm Wire Mesh

US3636-R - 8.5 x 8.5 Ultra Suede

HCBCKC - Hand Carved Bone Celtic Knot Style

RFWCH - Medium 'French' Wire

CLSP04CP - Copper Plated 3 Strand Slide Clasp

SBNGB - Size B Gold Nymo

The "Sweet Potato Pie Challenge Stash Kit" is the Prize in the September Sweepstakes and one lucky winner will become the new owner.

Good luck everyone!

Winner will be announced October 1st.

Happy Beading!



  1. Oh Betsey! I was so excited when I saw that you had provided the stash for the challenge. And all the pieces were just gorgeous! How incredibly generous you are to do a giveaway with all that beautiful orangey goodness!

  2. Beautiful mix of "goodies" Betsy.

  3. Betsy, I almost fell off my chair when I saw you were putting the Sweet Potato Pie stash into the giveaway! I've been drooling over this stash since I saw it in the magazine! It's absolutely gorgeous and I just have to thank you for being so very generous! I'd probably faint if I won this! Bless!

  4. Wow - somebody is going to be very lucky to win this prize. Good Luck All!