Monday, September 3, 2012

Tila SuperDuo Bands

As with all her patterns, this one is so versatile!  I could not resist working it up in a few color combos....

The first color combo was in the same Southwest theme I did with the Tila Flower Bands.  (get a free preview download pattern of the Tila Flower Bands with each SuperDuo bead purchase)  This color combo has been very popular and starts with TL-2315 burnt sienna Tila beads.  I used the Capri finished VSD-6313CA-100 and VSD-1301CA-100 SuperDuo beads.  The Capri finish is a bronze and Miyuki's 11RR457 Rocaille seed beads match it nicely.

Next I went with the TL-2312 mustard Tilas and paired them with VSD-8312P-100 opaque yellow picasso and VSD-MB-100 matte brass SuperDuo beads.  The heavy picasso finish on the opaque yellow beads really transforms them from the bright yellow of the 8312 color.  The matte brass finish glows in the light and the 11RR457 Miyuki bronze Rocailles compliment all the colors.

Next, I moved to the copper TL-2005 Tila beads.  I paired these with the VSD-MC-100 matte copper and the VSD-MRG-100 matte rose gold SuperDuo beads.  The bright copper color of 11RR4206 duracoat Miyuki Rocailles add a perky shine to the bracelet.

This pattern of Deb's also has blank grids so you can create your own design.  It has a wider and a narrower version as well as the 5 SuperDuo bead version in all the above photographs.  I could not resist doing one of the narrower ones up.  It worked up quicker, since there were less beads in each row....

For this fun narrow band, I started with TL-408 opaque red Tila beads.  I know, you are scratching your head and thinking, I've not seen opaque red Tila beads???

(Well they are one of the new 30 colors release by Miyuki this Fall!  I received the shipment and while admiring all the new colors, the first thing that came to mind was, what can I use these beautiful colors for!  You'd think I'd be all business, cataloging, photographing and getting these new beauties up for sale, but at heart I am a beader first and a retailer second, so my beadie side won this battle!  All 30 colors will be available on the Red Panda Beads website later this week!) 

I paired the VSD-5341-100 opaque green SuperDuo beads and 11RR191 24kt gold plated Miyuki Rocaille beads to make a bright and cherry Christmas band.

Deb's pattern offers three design varieties for the two SuperDuo colors.  I used the first design pattern for the first three bracelets.  If you use the same colors as I have and choose one of the different variations, your finished piece will have a slightly different appearance. Or you can go completely different and use a new color palette.  The variations are countless!  And, as always, if you need any assistance picking the perfect colors, please do not hesitate to contact me, that's what I'm here for.  :)

Happy Beading!


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  1. Betsy, I just love these bracelets. You have a great color sense.:-> I can't help myself; I'm clicking on the links and buying beads!!!!!