Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CzechMates SuperDuo Bands

Variations of a Pattern

I've adapted Deborah Roberti's Tila SuperDuo Bands pattern to work with the new CzechMates Tile beads.

Deb's patterns are so easy to follow, with step by step instructions and illustrations.  She often provides versions of the pattern, like the three shown above.  This particular pattern even includes a sheet of blank grids so that beaders can create their own unique patterns in the SuperDuo beads section of the bands.

Shown in this pattern are the wider, more rounded SuperDuo beads.  The examples below were done using the more tapered SuperDuo beads and with CzechMates Tile beads instead of Miyuki Tila beads.  

SuperDuo beads vary by manufacturer - the beads on the left are the larger 2.5x5mm and rounder SuperDuos.  The beads on the right are the tapered, smaller 2x5mm beads.

Miyuki introduced the first tile shaped beads, Tila beads.  More recently, CzechMates have hit the bead scene.  Shown on the left, Miyuki Tila beads are 5x5x1.9mm.  They have sharp corners and two parallel holes.  The CzechMates, shown on the right are slightly larger, 6x6x3 with rounded edges and corners.

For the first variation, I chose to use one of the newest SuperDuo colors, Umber.  I started with matching CzechMate CZTWN06-13610 Umber tiles

Deb's pattern calls for two color of the SuperDuo beads, but I used three here to created waves of Umber colors.  The first SuperDuo color is TSD-13610 Umber, the next color is TSD-AM1361 Matte Apollo Umber and the last color is TSD-T13610 - Umber Picasso.  The pattern calls for three 11/0 seed beads on top of each tile bead, but since the CzechMates are larger than Miyuki Tila beads, I used an extra seed bead to connect the CzechMates together and give a continuous look to the "fringe".  I used 11RR457L Miyuki M Light Bronze Rocailles.  With Fall in full swing, this bracelet will go nicely with many Fall fashions.

The second version I did was another one of the newly released SuperDuo colors, TSD-16314 Coated Marea Peacock/Gold.  The name says it all, these really look like Peacock beads!

I decided to play off the Gold in the beads and paired them with CZTWN06-K0172 Matte Metallic Aztec Gold CzechMates.  Even though the pattern called for two colors of the SuperDuo beads, the Peacock beads have so many variations of color, I decided to use only one "color", but the effect is a multi-colored beauty.  Instead of size 11/0 seed beads, I substituted size 10/0 Triangle beads 10TR1126 ICL* Amber/Amber.  The triangle beads are the perfect size to work with CzechMate Tiles in this pattern.

My next version moved to the purple side.  I chose the CZTWN06-P15695 Luster Opaque Gold/Smoky Topaz -that have a slight tinge of lavender.

I paired the matching TSD-P15695 SuperDuo beads and TSD-TSD-P65401 Opaque Luster Picasso.  I like the Triangle bead combo so much I went with 10TR1839 ICL Gold/Amethyst to highlight the purple in the gold/smoky topaz color.

Lastly I chose another one of the newly released SuperDuo colors, TSD-3009 Cobalt.

I used CZTWN06-21435 Iris Blue CzechMates and paired them with TSD-P65431 Opaque Luster Green - the name is Green but the color is more grey.  And I finished this piece off with 10TR1101 TSL Silver triangle beads.  I like to use the TSL Silver color - the beads keep their nice shine and there are no worries of tarnish.

The same pattern and four very different versions - if you haven't yet added this pattern to your bead stash, I highly recommend adding it.

Happy Beading!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Athena Earrings

Variations of a Pattern

Deb's design includes:

11/0 Seed Beads
SuperDuo or Twin Beads
4mm fire-polished beads

I could not help but wonder what substituting other beads for the 4mm fire-polished beads would look like.  So I began experimenting.

Miyuki just released new colors of the Long Magatama beads this Fall - there are 49 new colors available on the Red Panda Beads website.  

There are several precious metal plated beads included in the release - I fell in love with the LMA-191F-TB color and wondered what Long Magatama beads would do to Deb's design.  I haven't tried them yet in the bracelet, but I rather like the effect on the earrings.  This design could compliment a bracelet made with the Long Magatamas if you don't already have a pattern for matching earrings, just use the same color(s) of the Long Magatama beads and complimenting SuperDuos.

I used the taptered SuperDuo TSD-21135 Matte Iris Blue beads and matched the 11RR191 bright gold plated Rocaille seed beads to the bright matte gold of the Long Magatamas to brighten the dark iris colors of the SuperDuo beads.

When I first saw the pattern, I immediately thought to replace the fire-polished rounds with pearls.  I chose cream pearls...

and a light colored tapered SuperDuo bead, TSD-P65401 Opaque Luster Picasso.

This color combo would make very nice wedding jewelry.  I used the 11RR193 light gold Miyuki Rocailles to compliment the warm feel of this piece.

This pattern can be used for either the Twin beads, the tapered SuperDuo beads or the larger 2.5x5mm SuperDuo beads.  So I decided to see how the larger SuperDuo beads would work.

I used the VSD-24K-100 24KT Gold Plated SuperDuo beads and paired them with another of the newly released Long Magatama colors, LMA-257-TB TR Dark Topaz.  I used 11RR401F Matte Black Miyuki Rocailles to allow the other beads to really stand out.

...and I finished this version off with the Duracoat 11RR4217 Rocaille Sea Foam Seed beads.

Deb's patterns are so versatile, by changing a bead type and/or color and the same design has four completely different looks.

Happy Beading!


Friday, October 5, 2012

New Czech Tile Beads

17 New colors of Czech Tile Beads  and 6 new colors of the tapered SuperDuo beads have been added to the Red Panda Beads website

The Czech Tile beads work well with the Czech SuperDuo beads.  There are two versions of Czech SuperDuo beads available on the Red Panda Beads website.  Both versions are pressed glass beads, making them more uniform in size and shape.  The larger beads measure 2.5x5mm and the smaller version measures 2x5mm.  The smaller beads are more tapered and are similar to Czech Twin beads.  Below are several color combos of the Tile beads paired with the smaller, tapered SuperDuo beads.

This pattern is Deborah Roberti's Tila SuperDuo Band.  Since I've substituted Czech Tile beads for the Miyuki Tila beads in this design, I had to modify the design a little.  Miyuki Tila beads measure 5mm and the Tile beads are slightly larger, measuring 6mm.  The Tile beads are also more rounded on the corners and edges.  The pattern calls for 3 seed beads on top of each Tila bead, but when using Tile beads, 4 seed beads are needed.  The Tile beads used in this sample are CZTWN06-37193 Silk Blue/Taupe.  I matched the new TSD-P65401 Opaque Luster Picasso and TSD-P65431 Opaque Luster Green Picasso SuperDuo beads.  The seed beads are Miyuki's 11RR593 - Ceylon Light Caramel 11/0 Rocailles.

I used Deb's design again for this design, but I modified it even further, using Miyuki 10/0 Triangle beads for the seed beads.  The Tile beads are CZTWN06-T93110 - Opaque Yellow Picasso.  The SuperDuo beads are TSD-ST6303 Star Dust Opaque Baby Blue and TSD-MD6313 Moon Dust Turquoise.  The Triangle beads are Miyuki 10TR1825 Inside Color Lined with sparkle Blue/Bronze.  You only need three Triangle beads to sit on top of each Tile bead and they add a really nice sparkle to the piece.  Miyuki Triangle beads are not at all sharp like triangles, but their edges are rounded and the structure of the beads allows more light to be captured and make the Triangle beads some of the prettiest Miyuki beads.  They come in 3 sizes, size 10/0 is the smallest.

I used Deborah Roberti's Tila Twin Wiggle pattern for this bracelet.  Coincidentally,  you can get this pattern for free with any twin bead purchase on the Red Panda Beads website.  The pattern adapts well for the Twin-like tapered SuperDuo beads and the Czech Tile beads.  I chose the CZTWN06-TB9320 Opaque Red Picasso Tile beads and matched them with TSD-14400 Hematite and TSD-M14400 Matte Hematite SuperDuo beads.  I used Miyuki's 11RR961 Bright Silver Plated 11/0 Rocaille beads.  (note: since they are silver plated, they will tarnish over time.  These precious metal beads are sold in 1 gram increments)  I added  a little spice with the matching Miyuki DP28-961 Bright Silver Plated Drop Beads.

Taking advantage of the extra space between the SuperDuo beads in the edges of the fan shape, I added the drop beads to give a nice touch to this dramatic bracelet.

Lastly I used Deb's Tila Flower Band Preview to create this Pale Turquoise bracelet.  The Czech Tile beads are CZTWN06-T63100 Opaque Pale Turquoise.  I matched two bronze SuperDuos, the TSD-BT8312 Opaque Yellow Bronze Picasso and the TSD-90215 Bronze beads.  I added inside color lined Olive 11RR229 Miyuki seed beads.

You can see by the four samples above that the new Czech beads are versatile and can add a new look to many designs.

Happy Beading!