Friday, November 23, 2012

Colorful Friday

Traditionally the Friday after Thanksgiving is called "Black Friday".  However, to me and Red Panda Beads, the term "Black" is too limiting - beads come in a huge array of colors.  So today is Colorful Friday!

In the spirit of color, I've done four versions of Deb Roberti's  SuperDuo Tila Band.  I've substituted CzechMate Tile beads for the Tilas and used the tapered SuperDuo beads in each version.  I used the same exact pattern for the bead placements, but altered the colors.

For the first version I wanted to use one of the newest tapered SuperDuo beads, TSD-L9008 Luster Ruby.  Staying with the red theme, I added TSD-T9320 Opaque Red Picasso SuperDuos and Opaque Oxblood Tile beads, CZTWN06-91260.  Since this pattern calls for Miyuki Tila beads, and I've substituted CzechMates, which are slightly larger, I also had to adapt the seed beads.  The pattern calls for 11/0 seed beads, but the larger Tile beads work better with Miyuki's 10/0 Triangle beads.  To finish this version off, I used 10TR1809 Transparent Silver Lined Dark Red triangles. 

The second version is also based on a new tapered SuperDuo color, TSD-B15726 Metallic Amethyst.  I added TSD-15726 Luster - Transparent Amethyst and CZTWN06-P15726 Luster Opaque Amethyst complete the Amethyst color scheme.  Miyuki's 10TR1839 ICL Gold/Amethyst triangle beads finish off the design nicely.  

The third version is based on one of the newest Tile bead colors, CZTWN06-MD6515 Persian Turquoise - Moon Dust.  In my prior bead-free life blue was my favorite color, and while I have a new found love of all bead colors, I still have a special place in my heart for blue and I love the blue shades in this version. I paired TSD-PT6313 Pink/Topaz Luster - Turquoise and TSD-ST6303 Star Dust Opaque Baby Blue to compliment the shades in the Tile beads.  I've finished this design off with one of my favorite 10/0 Miyuki triangle beads, 10TR1825 ICL* Blue Bronze.

The last design uses a new CzechMate color, CZTWN06-270 24kt Gold Plated and a new tapered SuperDuo TSD-21455 Iris - Green.  The Iris Green color varies so much with each bead, that I used only the one color SuperDuo in this style.  In keeping with the green theme, I used Miyuki's 10TR1802 TSL Kelly Green triangle beads.

While White is the absence of all color and Black is all colors combined, the spirit of "Black" Friday is summed up in "Colorful Friday".  And for this weekend, ending Monday the 26th of November, 2012, the entire Red Panda Beads website is discounted by 20%

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Happy Beading!


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