Friday, November 16, 2012

Maya Earrings

This pattern uses tapered SuperDuo beads and 11/0 seed beads to make these beautiful earrings and pendant.

I've done the earrings up in four versions.

The first one uses one of the newest colors available in the Czech SuperDuos, TSD-T0300 Opaque White Picasso.

The Picasso finish on the white beads really adds interest and texture to the design.  I chose TSD-90215 bronze SuperDuo beads to contrast the Picasso white beads and 11RR4202 Duracoat Gold Miyuki 11/0 Rocailles to complete this version.  In all four of my versions I used 'French' Wire instead of jump rings to attach the ear wires.  

In my 2nd version, I used another of one of the newest Czech SuperDuo colors, TSD-16314 coated Marea Peacock/Gold - I just love this color - and Peacock is the perfect name! I used the 24kt gold plated SuperDuos,
TSD-270 to match the 11RR191 24kt Gold Plated Miyuki 11/0 Rocailles (note, I sell the precious metal Rocailles in 1 gram increments - to make this pendant and earrings, you will need 2 grams) and really make this version sparkle!

In my 3rd version, I went with another new Czech SuperDuo color, TSD-21495 Iris - Purple.  There are wonderful shades of green, blue and violet in these beads.  I chose the TSD-27000 silver SuperDuo beads and matched the 11RR961 bright Silver Plated Miyuki 11/0 Rocailles(note, I sell the precious metal Rocailles in 1 gram increments - to make this pendant and earrings, you will need 2 grams) I also added the DP28-961 bright silver plated drops at each of the corners, replacing the 3rd seed bead.  I really like the effect and the colors in this version are so cool, reminds me of a Christmas ornament.  Since the silver plated beads and 'French' Wire are real silver, they will tarnish over time.  To protect the shine as long as possible, store any silver plated pieces in a plastic baggie along with an anti-tarnish tab or strip when not in use.

My final version is my take on tri-color.  I used another of Miyuki's Duracoat Rocailles, 11RR4212 Dark Berry for the rose gold and matched the silver TSD-27000 and the 24kt Gold Plated TSD-270 to bring the trio of colors together.

This pattern, just like all of Deb's patterns is so versatile - just changing the colors of the beads really creates a new look to the pattern.  With over 50 colors available in the tapered SuperDuo beads, the options are virtually limitless! 

Happy Beading!


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