Sunday, July 19, 2015


My friend, Deb Roberti, from, recently coined a new term, "SuperDuped" to express her frustration with occasional plugged holes in SuperDuo beads.

Unfortunately the occasional plugged hole is a reality with not only the SuperDuo beads, but also the new MiniDuo beads, as I found out when I was beading up a blue version of Deb's new Infinity Bracelet.

I cannot think of anything more frustrating than having beaded to the point of going through the 2nd hole in a SuperDuo or MiniDuo only to find the hole plugged.  When faced with the only option of undoing all the beadwork, in desperation I've turned to my bead reamer.  I've found that more often than not, the tool can ream out the plugged hole and I'm quickly back to beading.

I originally purchased my bead reamer to ream out larger holes in fresh water pearls.  I found the tool so handy, I subsequently added it to my website.  For the purposes of reaming plugged holes in SuperDuos and MiniDuos, I keep one of the Diamond Replacement tips handy while beading.  The averted frustration has been such a relief!  I highly recommend that every bead stash include at least one bead reamer.

Happy Beading!