Monday, September 28, 2015

Managing Colors

I really like using Deb Roberti's patterns.  They are so easy to follow and very versatile.  Several of her patterns work for "any 4mm" bead.  These patterns will work with round beads and pearls, fire-polished, bicone crystals, etc.  I've recently beaded up several variations of Deb Roberti's Lilac Bracelet.

One of the reasons I like her patterns so much, is she diagrams the patterns and it is very easy to visually follow the steps in each pattern.  She uses various colors to represent each bead in a pattern.  Below is her legend for the Lilac Bracelet pattern.

When using "any 4mm" bead it can get confusing remembering which of the four different 4mm beads is Color1, Color2, etc.

I've found it helpful to "label" each bead with the color represented in the pattern.  It is much easier to bead up the pattern using the diagrams.

Happy Beading!