Sunday, December 9, 2018

Super Hero Cuffs

My grandson is 5 years old and I'm trying to get away from all the imported plastic toys for his Christmas present this year.  He is really into Super Heros and I thought I'd make something that not only will last longer than the plastic toys, but something that he will appreciate and know that his grandmother took the time to make especially for him. He likes to dress up as a Super Hero.

I do most of my own marketing on my website, and that means I bead A LOT.  I have a huge bin of leftover bracelets, etc that I bead up to add a design to my Gallery of Color Suggestions.  Once I take the photos, in the bin all the beadwork goes.

One Saturday he came across the bin and immediately started trying on bracelets and pretended they were Super Hero Cuffs.  So I decided to make him actual Super Hero Cuffs.  I found some examples on Pinterest, but they all look pretty lame, card board with triangle designs.  Some actually have Super Hero emblems on them, but that does not overcome the fact that they are card board and amateur looking.

So I started with Brass Bracelet Cuffs.

Them I embellished them with beads and crystals to make the Super Hero Cuffs.

I used 8lb FireLine bead together the Peyote strip of beads to wrap around the brass cuff and to bezel the crystal Rivoli and attach it to the Peyote strip.  I also used 8lb FireLine to decorate the center line cuffs with seed beads and bicone crystals.  The smaller center line cuffs are meant to go on top and below the wider cuff, but it will be fun to see how he wants to play with them.

These cuffs are durable and will provide many hours of make believe = the most satisfying and productive type of play.  And he will always know that Grandma made them especially for him.

Happy Beading

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